viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

The Iron Knight ARC by Julie Kagawa

So. Bloggers. There's an Iron Knight contest. Participate and you can win an ARC of this book. You just have to imagine a perfect day with Ash or Puck. This is my entry for the contest.
In The Iron Queen ash asks Meghan (SPOILERS) if after the war ends they can just disappear for a while. He tells her that he'll show her Nevernever like she's never seen it before. Somehow, that line is stuck in my brain. Ash can be so romantic sometimes. (I SAID SOMETIMES. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT ASH!)
I want to go to Nevernever with Ash. I want him to throw ice daggers to whoever tries to attack us. I want him to find me the sweetest fruit in the world. If we find Puck, I want to hear them banter, even if it's just a bit. That's just half of the day. (Who needs to sleep anyway?) We would go to the movies, so I can show him how the humans entertain themselves. (I know there's iron in the mortal realm, but that's what Mab's magic and the necklace work). I want to go to an amusement park and hear him scream like a little girl when we ride the highest roller coaster (don't throw does daggers at me Ash, save them for Nevernever). At the end, he would get me back home with unbelievable memories. And if a certain cat appears... well tha'd be awesome. I would not ask for a kiss goodnight because I Love his relationship with Meghan too much.
That's my perfect day. Not too much to ask right? (See you soon Ash!)

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