martes, 28 de junio de 2011

WOW! What a week.

I've had an amazing weekend, but very, very busy. I've been writting, reading and spending time with my friends. I've been sick, too. Really sick. I'm still feeling awful but my red eye is returning to normal. At least that's something. Today I reached the 1500 words in my book. I'm proud. To celebrate, a teaser.
"I checked if he was breathing. He wasn't."
TadA!!! There it is. If you like it, feel free to comment. The comment button is WAITING for you. I'm sorry for being such a bad blogger, but puff. I'm not a supergirl.
Talking about super girls... look what is coming out on July 26!!
I AM NUMBER FOUR: THE LOST FILES: SIX'S LEGACY. I really can't wait. There are many books coming out next month. If you have questions, ask.

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